Terms of Use

The information required by Localbuddychat.com to facilitate its use must be authentic and truthful in order to guarantee the truthfulness of all the antecedents communicated to the rest of the users that are part of Localbuddychat.com. Consequently, the user is solely responsible for the information he / she communicates to Localbuddychat.com members and the consequences and damages that may be derived from said information being erroneous or false to third parties or to Localbuddychat.com. On the other hand users have the responsibility to keep all the information registered on the server (Localbuddychat) updated so that it responds permanently to the real situation of each client.


Individuals and adults can create their profile in Localbuddychat.com, for which they must register in advance. The profile of each one can be made up of contents of texts, presentation videos, photographs, graphic material or audio recordings allowing Localbuddychat.com its load. However Localbuddychat.com is not responsible for the charges made by its users to build their Profile. Neither does it assume the obligation to publish on its site all the content provided by users of the service. Likewise, Localbuddychat.com reserves the right to withdraw all content or manifestations in its Profile, that are against the general conditions that establishes the contract of Localbuddychat.com. The User is solely responsible for all false or erroneous publications made and that cause harm or damage to Localbuddychat.com or third parties for the information, data, images, videos or audio recordings provided in the Profile Data or Contents. We remind you that your profile data (depending on the privacy features selected in your account) are visible to other Localbuddychat.com users, not their registration data.