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Localbuddychat.com is the safest and fast way to meet people.

Still can’t decide? Animate, create your profile in just a few minutes and start contacting new users from your city or any country in the world, totally free. One of the main advantages of Localbuddychat.com on other dating sites or contacts is that we give you the possibility to choose what details of your profile you can show to users. This way you can protect some of your data that after some time can become somewhat sensitive. I chose who will have the possibility to connect and avoid this way a box full of uninteresting messages. You have at all times the control of your data and decide with whom you want to contact you. But we also think of people who do not have a lot of time to dedicate to the search for a couple on the internet. That is why we offer you the possibility to complete a section about your preferences about your ideal partner and Localbuddychat.com will do the work automatically for you. Looking for a partner, love and friendship has never been so easy. It's time to start enjoying a new life as a couple. Do not forget after telling us your experience.